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Trauma identification and resolution

“Trauma” could be the diagnosis, if you suffer from symptoms such as accelerated heartbeat, panic attacks, anxiety, addiction, inexplicable pain…  These and many other symptoms could have their origin in extremely emotionally stressful experiences that you may have had during your lifetime – maybe weeks ago, maybe years or even decades ago. Often these experiences have been “forgotten”, especially when they happened during childhood. This amnesia is a self-protection mechanism of the body. 

The most frequent causes for traumas are:
  • Sexual abuse
  • Experience of violence
  • Negligence during childhood
  • Accidents
  • Experience of war
Many trauma victims have suffered from a long “doctor hopping”:
Symptoms have been treated, but the problem has not been solved, because the underlying trauma has not been diagnosed. 

I have been trained in supporting trauma clients during a two-year-course in the Institute for Systemic Therapy (ifs) in Essen (

Trauma: “My feeling is as if I were a broken branch”